I find this time of year almost perfect for photographing sunsets. Not only are they timed just right for a jaunt after work but around here the sun also sets in what is probably its most photogenic location over the Burry Inlet. Needless to say I’ve been out and about on many an evening recently but have made a concerted effort not to just rehash old images. This has involved the hunting out of new locations and also the furthering of an experiment into some close-up work which I first attempted during our holiday in Snowdonia. Those photographs got some very favourable responses (many thanks) so I had another go from up the hill behind our house. The view from there is somewhat spoilt by man-made obstructions meaning that this type of detailed work is far more suited.

P1080878 - Sunset
P1080879 - Sunset

Of course there’s always going to be scope for those big open landscapes so after many years of thinking about it I finally got myself over to Broad Pool on Gower. My first attempt ended in abject failure having arrived just as the sun disappeared behind a bank of clouds, but thankfully a follow up visit proved rather more successful.

P1080896 - Broad Pool, Gower
P1080898 - Broad Pool, Gower
P1080900 - Broad Pool, Gower

As always there’s plenty to improve upon and I’ll be experimenting some more over the coming weeks in terms of both technique and location. Arthur’s stone for instance, sitting as it does atop Cefn Bryn, has to be a prime candidate for some focused attention.


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