The Brecon Beacons at night

Chasing the Aurora Borealis

Last night all the signs were looking good for an exceptional display by the Northern Lights meaning that even those of us towards the south of Britain stood a chance at getting in on an act normally reserved for our Nordic neighbours. This flurry of excitement and expectation had been Read more…

Burry Port High Tide

Burry Port High Tide

Strong winds and the highest tides of the year have combined this week to give our coast a battering. A quick scan of the local paper shows that some significant damage has been inflicted upon the defences at Blackpill and Langland, whilst huge volumes of sand have been shifted around Read more…

My Life Outside blog

Full Moon

I have just been out to look at the full moon and it is absolutely stunning. If you are still awake and in the UK then go and look now. You really wont get better viewing conditions than at present.