Penclawdd Supertide

Supertides and Sunsets

For some reason all major weather events this year have been tagged with a ludicrous moniker which seems tailor-made for sensationalist headline writers. First there was the #weatherbomb which turned out to be nothing more than your typical winter storm, closely followed by #snowmageddon which by all accounts was similarly Read more…

Penclawdd High Tide

Autumn Spring Tides

Spring tides, contrary to their name, do not coincide with the season but instead occur roughly twice a month whenever the moon and sun align. Living alongside the second largest tidal range in the world elevates these natural phenomena beyond mere trivia and into something far more spectacular. Last weeks Read more…

Penclawdd Storm Surge

Storm Surge

Every check of the news throughout Thursday brought an ever increasing sense of doom as it became clear that the west coast of Britain was to be hit by its highest tides in at least sixteen years. That sounded bad enough but with every new severe flood warning issued i.e. Read more…

Penclawdd sunset

Penclawdd – A Welcome Sunset

The torrential rain of yesterday morning and afternoon held little clue as to the glorious evening that would follow. Having not watched a decent sunset for a few weeks I found myself being inextricably drawn towards Penclawdd where I whiled away a few hours watching mother nature do her thing.

Penclawdd Sunset

Penclawdd Sunset

With the terrible weather we’ve been having recently you would think that colourful sunsets were probably off the table. In fact the opposite seems to have been true as a couple of my recent posts on here can attest to. The occasional spell of evening sunshine has not only been Read more…