Penclawdd Sunset

Thursday, October 04, 2012 Adam Tilt 5 Comments

With the terrible weather we've been having recently you would think that colourful sunsets were probably off the table. In fact the opposite seems to have been true as a couple of my recent posts on here can attest to. The occasional spell of evening sunshine has not only been working fantastically well in conjunction with the ever present storm clouds, but its scarcity has also encouraged me to get out there more often in the first place. As a result I've taken some of my most dramatic landscapes on Gower to date with Saturday providing another such 'golden' opportunity (I can hear your groans from here). Our chosen destination this time was Penclawdd where I was hoping the very high tide would provide some great reflections. The sea and moon definitely played ball on that front but alas the sun had clearly not read my memo. Instead of slotting down through the main channel it instead went into hiding behind the local church. It was too late to change position (Llanelli foreshore would have been ideal), but I'm still more than pleased with my results.

28837 - Penclawdd Sunset

28842 - Penclawdd Sunset

I've used the same locations several times now and am planning on trying out a few new sites in the near future. As I've mentioned previously the Bulwark on Llanmadoc Hill is definitely top of my list, but Port Eynon and even the Helvetia shipwreck are opportunities that I have yet to fully explore. Who knows, I may even attempt a sunrise sometime soon if I can just convince myself to get up early enough!


  1. You must have been looking for perfection, well, you've done it. They are excellent.

  2. Those pictures are just superb, stunning even. Nice work Adam.

  3. Superb!

    It's a long time, Adam, since we were up on the Bulwark ... and we picked a 'special' day in the year quite unwittingly when zillions of flying ants hatch out. Our little cappuccino-coloured Peugeot turned black!

  4. Bob - not sure about perfection but you're very kind.

    TexWisGirl - thanks. That's my favourite as well.

    Phil - cheers. Glad you enjoyed.

    Caroline - I shall try and avoid that day then. Flying Ants are not my favourite of creatures.


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