It would seem that this summer Gower has seen another series of mass Barrel Jellyfish strandings along its beaches. Previously our most recent encounter with these ocean giants had been at Rhossili back in June where almost the entire three mile stretch of sand was littered with corpses. Every fifty meters or so another would lie revealed by the retreating tide, a definite distraction to Emma who at the time was trying to enjoy a paddle through the shallows. Fast forward a few months and it seems that it’s now Whiteford’s turn to experience the phenomenon.

P1080826 - Barrel Jellyfish, Gower
P1080828 - Barrel Jellyfish, Gower
P1080836 - Barrel Jellyfish, Gower
P1080835 - Barrel Jellyfish, Gower

The images above show just a sample of those which had been washed ashore that morning, a sad sight in some ways but also a brilliant opportunity to get up close and personal with a creature that many of us will never see in its natural habitat. Saying that I’d love to watch one of these swimming wild which perhaps is not as hard as it sounds given the numbers which must be massing off Gower’s coast at present.


Rohrerbot · September 30, 2014 at 6:43 pm

Fascinating! I think I'd like to see them from a safe distance:) Very cool discovery. That color is incredible!

    Adam Tilt · October 6, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    They really are amazing. Would love to see one in the water.

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