One of my favourite places to sit and watch the Burry Inlet is from the large car park located in the center of Penclawdd. What makes the view even better is when spring tides coincide with a nice sunset. Normally the area immediately in front of the car park consists of a largish channel containing a few moored boats, whilst much of the remaining area is covered in salt marsh. However, when the spring tides arrive the whole lot is completely engulfed in water. Not a single sign of land is visible from the very edge of the car park and the retaining walls of the nearby houses to the shore at the other side near Loughor Bridge. It certainly pays to be careful as on one occasion someones washing line complete with a load of washing became engulfed, whilst on two further occasions I have seen boats go under as they were left anchored on too short a rope. The visit a couple of weeks ago promised to be a belter with high tide perfectly correlating with the sunset. Unfortunately at the key time a large weather front blew in obscuring the sun as is always the way. Never mind though as I managed to capture a few worthwhile images before the clouds won the battle. Enjoy.



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