Worms Head Shipwreck, Samuel

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

Last month on a very windy day trip down to Worm's head on the Gower, I spent a bit of time exploring the causeway that leads from the Rhossili cliffs towards Worm's Head itself. Much to my surprise I came across a very large anchor embedded in the very fabric of the causeway. I presume that over the years the build up of silt and crushed shells has virtually turned into concrete and fixed the anchor in position as a reminder of the treacherous nature of the seas. A bit of research led me to the welcometogower.co.uk website run by the very knowledgeable Chris Elphick. The anchor originally belonged to the Samuel which went down in 1884 along with several hundred tonnes of black gold (coal). Fortunately the local lifeboat was able to rescue the entire crew whilst the cargo kept the locals in business for years. I am always fascinated when I come across historical artefact's such as these. To think that something so old has remained in position whilst over a hundred years of history has passed it by is frankly mind blowing. The stories that anchor could tell! Chris's original post and pictures can be found here. The shots below are my own.

samuel1 samuel2


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