As promised it’s time to take stock and see where six months of walking has gotten us. Will we still be on track for our year long target of 1,000 miles or will we find ourselves suddenly requiring a few marathon distances to catch up. The only way to know for sure was to sit down, average out our various pedometers and phone apps before totalling everything up. The result? See for yourself.

To my own genuine surprise we have just cracked the 530 mile mark which means we are bang on where we should be right now. Most of that distance has come through short walks after work each evening, when the weather allows of course, and it’s amazing how quickly those can add up. Granted we’ve had a couple of weeks holiday in there as well which allowed us to set our current seven day record of 41.9 miles, and with another fortnight coming up I’m aiming to push that total even higher. 

The impact on me personally is that I’m probably the fittest I’ve been for several years but there’s definitely still room for improvement. Motivation a plenty to crack on and see where we can get to before Auld Lang Syne once more graces us with its presence.

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