It’s not escaped my notice that there has been a slight dearth of bird photos on this blog of late. Trust me, it’s not for want of trying but we’re currently in that time of year which we birders like to refer to as “the doldrums”. The fact is that in general June and July are pretty quiet when it comes to our feathered friends, the odd rarity excepted. Why else do you think so many of us have ended up turning to butterflies, moths and even in some cases, dare I say it, plants! I’ve not yet been desperate enough to go quite that far but am definitely eagerly awaiting more interesting times. That’s not to say that there’s nothing out there to see of course, it’s just that one needs work a little harder to find it. Our trip to Whiteford just over a week ago was a prime example where some good field craft ended up allowing me to get close to both a juvenile Skylark and adult Meadow Pipit in truly appalling lighting. I’m always up for a challenge however and ended up fairly satisfied with the fruits of my labour.

P1090122_2 - Juvenile Skylark, Whiteford
P1090120 - Meadow Pipit, Whiteford

Now if the local Caspian Tern would like to show itself at a time when I’m not in work then that would be much appreciated as that’s one bird which is just crying out to make it onto these pages.


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