One of my surprise finds during the Swansea Bay airshow (other than a passing Peregrine Falcon) were the emerging remains of an ancient submerged forest. Located behind the large outflow pipe in front of Singleton Park they serve as a stark reminder that the current city’s existence is just a blip in time as far as the underlying geology goes. These trees would have once formed part of an expansive forest that likely covered the entire area, including what we now know as Swansea Bay.

P1130984 - Submerged Forest, Swansea Bay
P1130992 - Submerged Forest, Swansea Bay
P1130995 - Submerged Forest, Swansea Bay
P1130997 - Submerged Forest, Swansea Bay
P1140001 - Submerged Forest, Swansea Bay

I’ve seen similar scenes at Broughton Bay on Gowerbut these are my first in this locality and unlikely to be my last judging from a bit of research on the web. It seems there are at least another couple of spots towards Mumbles where this submerged forest can be seen and I shall endeavour to hunt them out next time I’m down that way.

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Sondra · July 21, 2015 at 1:53 am

its amazing how long the can be under water and not decay!

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