After a week of gorgeous weather in which temperatures finally managed to climb above twenty it seems that today reality has returned. Grey, low cloud, drizzle. You get the picture, but where would we be in this country without a good old British summer about which to moan? Lift conversations would finally die out for starters which may, in fact, be no bad thing. But I digress. The good news is that we have at least been treated to a couple of decent sunsets over the last few evenings and I have been continuing my quest to find new viewpoints and compositions in my local area. This first selection were taken on Wednesday from a nearby hill and with no clouds to catch any lingering rays the whole thing was over in a matter of moments. Of the three shots included here I’m particularly pleased with the second as it captures perfectly the general ambience of the occasion.

P1130283 - Sunset
P1130285 - Sunset
P1130296 - Sunset

Fast forward to tonight and after the aforementioned autumnal conditions we were treated to a welcome sight as the sun broke through just as it headed towards the horizon. With thick cloud still much in abundance there were plenty of surfaces onto which the sun could project and the colours became both widespread and vivid as a result.

P1130345 - Sunset
P1130347 - Sunset

As you can probably tell I’m quite enamoured at present with compositions which include a silhouetted horizon towards the bottom of each shot. I can’t help thinking of sunsets across African planes whenever I do this, a place and time I’ve never visited in person but one which I’d surely like to at some point in the future.

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Unknown · June 16, 2015 at 6:53 am

Gorgeous colours in these sunsets.

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