Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan

Monday, May 10, 2010 Adam Tilt 3 Comments

Apologies for the lack of updates over the last week or so but I have been busy working on the house again so time out in the field has been limited. After a very late night watching the rather disappointing general election results come in (how did the Lib Dems do worse than last time with such high opinion poll ratings?) I really needed to get out of the house on Friday. I was tempted to head to Gower but instead decided to go and try for a new life tick on the unfamiliar slopes of Cefn Cadlan on the edges of the Brecon Beacons. I found the location with ease and was soon atop the wind swept peak searching the limestone paving for what I hoped would be an encounter on par with the Dunlins from a few weeks ago given the tame and approachable nature of this species. Initially all I got for my efforts was a rather scrappy looking Red Kite and a couple of Ravens before I turned around to find myself being eyed up by the male Dotterel. Result. A few meters further back the much more colourful female bird was also present, busy feeding in the short grass. Unfortunately for me it was cloudy, drizzly and windy; certainly not the conditions that my Lumix Super-zoom camera likes. Not be defeated I lay down on the ground and these are the results.

12421 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan
12422 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan 12425 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan
12430 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan 12433 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan
12434 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan 12420 - Dotterel at Cefn Cadlan

To say it was one of my more memorable encounters would be an understatement. I was able to lie there for well over an hour as the birds continued to feed, stretch and groom seemingly without a care in the world. For most of the time I just watched, feeling so privileged to be able to share that time with such wild and little seen birds. In the end I had to drag myself away as the weather was closing in and I didn't want to get caught out in the open.

My thanks must go to Barry Stewart and his blog for the initial heads up and also to Graham Smith who I believe originally located the birds. How he managed that I would love to know as to me it seemed like the middle of almost nowhere. Top find sir and once again many thanks.


  1. Great find. Great shots... from another Lumix fan!

  2. Thanks very much. The Lumix's are very good cameras.

  3. Wonderful photos of a species I have yet to see in the UK. Lumix are nice cameras. The photos on my blog are all the Lumix TZ6.


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