I was mulling over different ways of recording wildlife sightings yesterday whilst the rain kept me cooped up inside, and wrote a little piece on some of my thoughts and the way that I like to go about things. If you fancy a read then head on over here. I will put a permanent link in the sidebar as well to this article as I know it is certainly something that interests me and may I hope be of interest to others.

I also wanted to let you know that for the very first time one of my photographs has been published. It has been used in a Schmap travel guide for Cardiff. Admittedly it is only in an online capacity and it is a site that is well renowned for using lots of photos from Flickr, but for me it is hopefully the first step of many.

I would love to work with wildlife and photography in some sort of professional capacity but I realise this may never happen. For now I keep increasing my knowledge and improving my skills in the hope that one day I will get the opportunity that I crave. If anyone wants to see my inclusion on the Schmap guide then go here. Mine is the picture of the Canada Goose. Of all the pictures that I have taken over the last year or so I really didn’t think it would be that one that was ultimately used.


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