After being stuck in the office looking longingly at the gorgeous weather all day, I decided to try and get back home in time to catch what I was hoping would be a nice sunset this evening. By the time I reached the house the sun was already well on its way to the horizon so I grabbed my camera and pretty much ran up the hill at the back of the house. Having only lived here for a couple of months I haven’t attempted to photograph a sunset from this location before but I’m pretty happy with the results.

11969 - Sunset over Pontarddulais
11962 - Sunset over Pontarddulais
11976 - Sunset over Pontarddulais

The view you can see is taken looking over Pontarddulais with the Loughour estuary at high tide in the middle and the Gower peninsular in the distance. If you look closely at the bottom right picture you can see Whiteford point and the Bristol Channel poking out in the far distance. Prior to looking at these pictures I hadn’t realised just how far you could see. The road I take to work looks over the same scene but from a much higher elevation. I have been meaning to take my camera with me for a while now to capture the view so will make a point of doing that tomorrow given that we are forecast another gorgeous day.


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