Cows on Rhossili Beach

Sunday, October 25, 2009 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

Whilst out for a walk during September at Rhossili beach on Gower, I came across a herd of cows enjoying an afternoon on the beach. The cows were paddling around in the shallows as well as lapping up water from small pools. An excellent source of additional salt I'm sure!

11577 - Cows on Rhossili Beach 11575 - Cows on Rhossili Beach
11581 - Cows on Rhossili Beach 11578 - Cows on Rhossili Beach

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  1. You wouldn't think they could get down that bank but I have seen it happening from the comfort of the Bay Bistro Coffee House in Rhossili. A laugh was had by all, they looked to clumbsey tumbling down to the beach. Though there are make-shift steps cut into the bank they still managed to make it hard work.

    Extra salt on your beef, as you quite rightly said!


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