Wildlife Of Rhossili Down

Thursday, July 23, 2009 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

I thought I'd post up a few pictures of just some of the wildlife that can be found around Rhossili Down on Gower. Although I have visited Worms Head on numerous occasions, the first time I properly explored Rhossili Down itself was a month or so ago when the Woodchat Shrike popped in for a brief visit. The best thing for me was the discovery of numerous Yellowhammer's, a bird that has sadly declined dramatically over the last few years. Anyway thats enough talk. Enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out my Flickr account for many more.

11034 11037

11015 11011
Meadow Pipits - These were defending nesting sites vigorously

11003 11000
Golden Ringed Dragonfly - Often seen over moors and heathland


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