Last night I took advantage of a break in the weather at long last and went for a walk along Llanelli beach. This beach is ideal for waders and other sea birds, combining sand, mudflats, areas of shingle and larger rocks as well as the all important salt marsh. This evening proved to be no different with good numbers of Dunlin and Ringed Plover milling around. I was quite surprised to see two Little Egrets out on the recently revealed sand banks, no doubt taking advantgae of the ready supply of food. The highlight of the evening though came just as the sun was setting. Whilst walking across the dunes a Kestrel floated past barely feet away before beginning to quarter the beach. Before we knew what was happening the bird had a juvenile Ringed Plover in its talons and began to happily pluck away. With some careful movements I was able to get within range to film what I could on my camera. Due to the low light levels and the wind noise the video isn’t of the highest quality, but it captures the moment superbly. Whilst I sat and watched, a small group of Ringed Plovers stood nearby calling as loudly as they could whilst looking forlornly at the scene before them. I couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry for them but this was nature at its most cruel yet most amazing, and I felt privileged to be in the right place at the right time to witness it.


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