Last Sunday we popped down to Bracelet Bay on Gower to get reacquainted with the Mediterranean Gulls. Fortunately for us a combination of high tide and stormy seas meant that there were at least twenty dotted around the car park including one ringed individual which originally hails from Poland. Unfortunately the combination of high tide and stormy seas also attracted plenty of people meaning any kind of approach was all but impossible thanks to constant disturbance. Nevertheless I persevered and ended up coming away with a pleasing set of images. 

2020_02_0014 - Mediterranean Gull
2020_02_0015 - Mediterranean Gull
2020_02_0016 - Mediterranean Gull

Down at Mumbles Pier it was rather nice to see a few early returning Kittiwakes back on the scene whilst the wader roost on the old lifeboat slipway held very good numbers. DunlinTurnstone and Redshank all featured along with a solitary Oystercatcher which had presumably shunned its own species in favour of ruling over the lesser beings. 

2020_02_0018 - Mumbles Waders

Other than that things were fairly quiet so there was nothing for it but to head to the pub for a Sunday roast. Now that’s definitely my definition of a decent couple of hours spent birding. 


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