Puffin Therapy - Isle of Mull

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 Adam Tilt 4 Comments

P1100028 - Puffin, Lunga
Imagine Skomer on steroids and you still won’t get close to envisioning quite how good the Puffins on Lunga are. From rafts numbering hundreds of birds on your approach things only get better, culminating in you sitting on the cliffs surrounded by these curious looking creatures as thousands more circulate above and below. They are so completely fearless that we merely become another obstacle to be negotiated allowing intimate observations that simply beggar belief. And I’m writing this having visited several times previously but each time I return I’m completely bowled over anew.

P1090840 - Lunga

The story of this particular trip is even more special than most but that can wait. Here I want to simply focus on the Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots and Shags which call this island home. It won’t surprise you to hear that I completely flattened my camera battery thus were the photographic opportunities, perhaps a saving grace from untold hours spent in edit. I literally didn’t know which way to look next.

P1100028 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090820 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090819 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090837 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090848 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090814 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090878 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090896 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090929 - Puffin, Lunga

P1100047 - Puffin, Lunga

P1090953 - Razorbill, Lunga

P1090887 - Razorbill, Lunga

P1090860 - Shag, Lunga

P1090891 - Shag, Lunga

P1090982 - Shag, Lunga

P1090946 - Guillemots, Lunga

P1090948 - Guillemots, Lunga

Words and photos alone can’t do justice to quite how spectacular Lunga is. It’s one of those places which just has to be experienced first hand to truly appreciate. What I can do though is tell you a little more about our day, what else we saw and how we came to be marooned on the island with just eight other souls. It’s a pretty epic tail.


  1. Oh wow!:) What a wonderful experience this must have been. Your images are all spectacular, especially the Puffins, and all the close up images of the other birds, and I love the last but one view of the Guillemots dotting the landscape.

  2. They are just SOOOO cute! Great photos of all.

  3. Puffin therapy works for me! I have a huge smile on my face after viewing your great pictures. What a rugged and beautiful spot. And those little clowns would brighten anybody's day. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Puffin is always good therapy! Lovely pictures! We will travel by boat from Oban and out to Ytre Hebrides and St Kilda next year and I can hardly wait!


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