If you were one of the dedicated up early this morning for the summer solstice then hats off to the lot of you. I was briefly tempted myself but in the midst of this heatwave sleep is already hard enough to come by. Instead I headed out last night for the summer solstice eve sunset (that’s a mouthful) which from my vantage point atop Gopa Hill proved to be rather spectacular. Humidity levels precluded much walking so I tried out a few alternative angles in an attempt to create some unique images from this oft photographed spot. Keeping me company was a lone screaming Swift, skulking Jay and some of the noisiest chewing Sheep I think I’ve ever heard. Seriously, they were a good forty to fifty meters away but the grinding of their teeth was clearly audible. Anyway, enough about mastication and on with the photos.

P1080924 - Sunset
P1080918 - Sunset
P1080922 - Sunset
P1080928 - Sunset

I’m very pleased with this little lot and it’s been nice to get back into photographing sunsets, my favourite subject for hopefully obvious reasons. I had hoped to celebrate the longest day of the year by heading back out tonight but throughout the day clouds have been building and I don’t hold out much hope for a repeat performance The plus side though is that temperatures are finally starting to dip back down to a tolerable level so something a little more adventurous could be on the cards.

Oh and no, I haven’t forgotten day 19 but my wild activity on Monday was running around playing football for ninety minutes and I really don’t think anyone wants to see my sweaty face anywhere near this blog!


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