We had grand plans for today but thanks to another washout they’ve had to be postponed. Will that stop us from continuing with our #30DaysWild challenge then? Not a bit of it. Despite torrential rain Emma valiantly headed out earlier this morning to top up our bird feeders which have once again been emptied by the marauding flock of Goldfinches at an astonishing rate. Nestled within one she found an unexpected visitor, a Harlequin Ladybird larvae. If memory serves this is the first time either of us have knowingly seen one but it does come with a tang of disappointment. Harlequin’s are an invasive, non-native species which threaten our resident ladybirds so the discovery of this in our garden is far from a good thing.

P1080635_2 - Ladybird Larvae

In better news I’m happy to report that our garden is still being frequented by at least one Hedgehog as evidenced by copious quantities of droppings and perhaps more definitively this trail-cam footage recorded last night.

Garden Hedgehogs 10-06-2017

Previously we’ve recorded two individuals at once so we’ll keep popping the camera out throughout #30DaysWild to see if we can discover a little more about our night time visitors.


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