What an epic way to spend a Wednesday evening, nestled in a shed with nine other like minded individuals watching the same number of Badgers go about their business. Badgers are for me one of the last great members of our native fauna that I had yet to see, barring a brief glimpse late at night many moons ago. Although we were assured of great things I had no idea quite how close we’d be, the length of time for which the Badgers would stick around and just how unconcerning they’d find our presence. The end result was an almost out of body experience, one you can’t quite believe has happened after so many years of dreaming. The only other time I can recall such a feeling was after stumbling across a Skunk in Zion national Park. If that hasn’t suitably whetted your appetites then I don’t know what will so here are a couple of quick edits from tonight’s selection.

P1030892_2 - Dinefwr Badgers
P1030919_2 - Dinefwr Badgers
P1030881_2 - Dinefwr Badgers

There’ll be much more coming tomorrow evening along with a series of videos which should really show the fantastic characters of these creatures to full effect. Needless to say I’m on cloud nine right now.


Caroline Gill · August 5, 2016 at 9:04 am

I recall a similar happy and wondrous evening – same place, same hide back in the ?1990s – and, who knows, same badger family.

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