It’s been a windy Christmas this year and no, sprouts weren’t to blame. Instead we have yet another Atlantic low pressure system to thank for turning our traditional post Christmas meal walk into more of a challenge than normal. Battling our way down the path from Rhossili saw us buffeted from pillar to post which did at least provide plenty of fresh air. Although I’d taken my binoculars it was almost impossible to keep them steady but that didn’t stop us from picking out a pair of Great Crested Grebes just off Kitchen Corner.

P1160931 - Garden Goldfinch

Boxing Day saw more of the same and with the garden feeders blowing around like mad it seemed that the Goldfinch above had decided to take shelter right outside our kitchen window. It was feeding on seeds from what looked like long dead Dandelions and had a suitably battered appearance befitting December thus far. As for us we were off to Southgate where if anything the wind was even stronger. Overhead clouds were scudding across the sky at a huge rate, every now and then offering a porthole through to blue sky beyond. Those breaks were all too brief however and by the time we’d made it to Three Cliffs Bay the light was about as flat as I’ve ever seen it. Given that I’d been hoping to beak my run of poor landscape images from here this was far from ideal but a few God rays combined with a new vantage point produced something at least a little more interesting.

P1160940 - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower
P1160939 - Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

Other than a small selection of Gulls down on the beach there wasn’t much to report despite walking up Pennard Pill. Who could have guessed quite how much our fortunes were about to change…..


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