We must be glutens for punishment. With South Wales still being battered by the remnants of Storm Desmond last Sunday we were to be found wandering the coast between Port Eynon and Overton. Wave heights were again bordering on the impressive and it was no surprise to hear the banging of a bell buoy somewhere offshore. Surprisingly conditions at Port Eynon itself were rather nice with a splash of sunshine being the first bit of brightness we’d seen all week. There was even a Grey Seal bottling out in the bay which looked to be fast asleep, right up until it realised quite how close it was getting to shore and decided to beat a hasty retreat.

P1160755 - Port Eynon
P1160752 - Port Eynon

On the bird front there were four Ringed Plovers present plus at least ten Turnstones as well as the usual menagerie of Oystercatchers and an occasional Curlew. A lone Little Egret patrolled the larger pools whilst a couple of Great Black-backed Gulls brooded moodily out on the point. Once again passage at sea seemed limited from our brief observations with Cormorants and a single Shag our only records. Up on the cliffs there was even less about unless you count a pair of Rock Pipits and one male Stonechat, everything else presumably doing the sensible thing and staying where there was shelter.

P1160758 - Overton Mere

From Overton we took a path up past the sewage works (oh the glamour) where the trees held a flock of at least six Long-tailed Tits along with lesser numbers of Coal, Blue and Great Tits. We also had stunning views of this female Sparrowhawk which took off from a nearby tree and circled overhead for a good few minutes. Though always a little distant for my camera I couldn’t resist an attempt as the lighting and colours were almost perfect.

P1160759 - Sparrowhawk, Overton Mere

By the time we’d dropped back down to Port Eynon the weather was already starting to close in once more and it won’t surprise you to hear that rain returned that evening. Still, given recent weekends this one was positively a belter with some good bird sightings and a decent haul of miles walked. We even fixed a stuck latch on one of the gates at Overton which surely qualifies us for some good karma and sunshine next weekend. Time will tell.


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