Hard as it is to believe but I posted the first video of our garden Hedgehogs way back in May and since then they’ve become a regular fixture. Most of the time piles of black droppings have been their calling card but they have been spotted in the flesh on a couple of occasions although more often that not it’s been our trail-cam which has granted us access to their nocturnal activities. We’ve tried various filming locations but the most productive seems to be be beneath the bird feeders where a combination of spilt seed and numerous slugs provides a perfect midnight feast. One modification we have had to make is to block out a few of the camera’s infared LED’s with tape as at close range they were simply too bright resulting in a complete white-out to any recorded footage. This quick and simple fix has performed well but that still doesn’t stop the Hedgehogs getting just that little too close from time to time.

With cooler months fast approaching and wanting to do all we can to encourage the Hedgehogs to stay our garden now includes a luxurious Hedgehog House. Waterproof, well insulated and sheltered beneath a mature bush it should prove the ideal habitat for a hibernating hog. All we have to do now is wait and keep our fingers crossed.


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