Blustery Evening at Rhossili

Friday, July 10, 2015 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

Tuesday evening saw us enjoying a blustery walk along the cliff tops at Rhossili. Scores of white horses were being driven towards the shore at some speed and every now and again a huge plume of spray would lift skywards from the end of Worm's Head. Despite first appearances the quality of light was absolutely superb though and we just about managed to avoid the weather fronts gathering out at sea.

P1130701 - Rhossili, Gower

P1130703 - Rhossili, Gower

P1130704 - Rhossili, Gower

P1130707 - Rhossili, Gower

P1130709 - Rhossili, Gower

There was little in the way of birds on offer except a couple of Guillemots racing through but two Grey Seals were a nice sight. In fact I swear one of the latter was actually asleep as it floated along with eyes closed. Both Kestrels are still hunting in the area and sent the Pied Wagtails into an absolute frenzy as they swept through the coastguard complex, though in reality I don't think they were ever in any danger. Definitely a nice way to reinvigorate after a day at work.

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