Following our outing to Pen Y Fan we headed off to Leeds for the final few days of December where, as hoped for, there were still significant amounts of snow. Much of it however was patchy with one hillside completely barren only for its neighbour to be under a good couple of inches. Clearly I wanted to walk one of the latter and fortunately a trip out to Brimham Rocks provided just such an opportunity. From a frozen car park to plenty of the white stuff it was a real winter wonderland with the contrasting blue sky lending an extra edge to an already stunning set of rock formations.  Formed through centuries of weathering the unique landscape really is something best experienced in person but I hope that a few of my images have captured at least some of its character.

P1100593 - Brimham Rocks
P1100599 - Brimham Rocks
P1100604 - Brimham Rocks
P1100608 - Brimham Rocks
P1100619 - Brimham Rocks
P1100623 - Brimham Rocks

An added bonus came in the shape of this trig point sitting atop one of the formations, a worthy addition to my trig-bagging roll call. In many ways it reminded me of the one atop Kinder Scout which similarly sits proud following mass erosion of the surrounding landscape.

P1100610 - Brimham Rocks
P1100613 - Brimham Rocks

As ever when snow is involved I had my fingers crossed that I’d finally capture the classic image of a winter Robin. As luck would have it I did find the bird in question but it flew off before I managed to get within range. Not to worry as this cheeky looking  Jackdaw was more than happy to take its place.

P1100617 - Jackdaw, Brimham Rocks

Sadly this was the last we saw of the snow before another warm couple of days banished it just before new year. Never fear however as the weather forecasters are again promising colder conditions for the second half of January so fingers crossed for more winter walks in the not too distant future.


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