An Unkindness of Ravens

Sunday, December 14, 2014 Adam Tilt 7 Comments

We've been treated to something of a spectacle this morning with at least eighteen Ravens circling over our back garden and neighbouring countryside. I've never seen so many here before with our resident pair usually only being accompanied on rare occasions. This therefore was highly unusual and they stayed around for the entire morning, alternating between the fields, trees and sky.

P1100501 - Local Ravens

P1100500 - Local Ravens

P1100498 - Local Ravens

P1100507 - Local Ravens

Conditions have been pretty dire today weather wise but it seems this congregation may have more to do with a sudden availability of food rather than the heavy rain. I noticed several of the birds carrying large pellet shaped objects in their beaks, presumably something picked up from one of the nearby farms. Sadly they are too small in my photos to clearly identify and I didn't get chance to go searching for their source before all the Ravens left early this afternoon.

P1100493 - Local Ravens

Whatever the cause I can only hope that it happens again as this must certainly rank as one of the best bird sightings we've ever had from the house. There was even a Buzzard and Red Kite thrown in for good measure!


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