After work on Thursday we managed to squeeze in a trip down to Rhossili, the perfect antidote for a busy day in the office. For once the promise of a clear sky held and we watched events unfold from our position overlooking the causeway across to Worm’s Head.

P1070400 - Worm's Head Sunset, Gower
P1070410 - Worm's Head Sunset, Gower
P1070407 - Worm's Head Sunset, Gower
P1070409 - Worm's Head Sunset, Gower

Clearly we aren’t the only living things to appreciate this view if the choice of nesting site for a pair of Carrion Crows is anything to go by. Perched on a rocky outcrop just beneath the cliff edge their nest is both exposed yet also beautifully made. With a lining of sheeps wool and a deep cup it’s certainly one of the more impressive constructions I’ve come across, though with increased footfall as the season progresses I can’t help wandering if disturbance may become an issue.

P1070403 - Crow nest at Rhossili, Gower

Disturbance is certainly something the Fulmars won’t have to contend with, positioned as they are well down the cliffs at Kitchen Corner. Currently there only appear to be two pairs in residence though I gather more are nesting a little further East along the coast. Other than that things were rather quiet with a stiff breeze keeping anything that may have been present deep down in the Gorse. As a result I’m still yet to see my first Welsh Wheatear of the year, a situation surely not likely to continue for very much longer.


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