After my success photographing last nights sunset I was back out again this evening. Conditions were notably hazier, as they have been all day, but that didn’t stop the sun putting on a great show from my position atop Gopa Hill. There a wealth of isolated trees provide numerous framing opportunities and I’m a real sucker for skeletal structures against an orange sky.

P1070058 - Sunset, Gopa Hill
P1070055 - Sunset, Gopa Hill

Moving away from sunsets it’s probably not escaped your notice that this is a Patchwork Challenge entry and as such we should move onto some birds. The first big news is that I have my first new patch tick of the month in the shape of a Grey Heron heading west across the village. Although we see what I presume is the same bird on a fairly regular basis, this evening was the first time I’ve spotted it in the correct location to count towards my list. A second new species came tantalisingly close with what I think were a couple of calling Pied Wagtails but I really want to see one before I add them to my tally just to make sure. On the subject of sound I was delighted to hear two calling Chiffchaffs on the lower flanks of Gopa Hill, my first this year, as well as a parachuting Meadow Pipit over at Bryn-bach-Common. Combined with the evening chorus they turned what has been a barren hillside into an entire orchestra, something I’d like to have recorded if it hadn’t been for a tractor working the farm nearby. Something to plan for another day I think. Elsewhere most of the usual suspects were present with an upsurge in Dunnock numbers resulting in at least three pairs being counted, not to mention a wealth of Robins with one seemingly in song from each bush I passed. At least one Green Woodpecker could be heard yaffling, the Woodpigeons were cooing and if only it was included on the British list I’d be adding Peacock to my Pachwork Challenge list right about now as well.

39 Species / 40 Points


Bob Bushell · March 12, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Those are the number 1, fantastic pictures Adam.

Stewart M · March 16, 2014 at 10:26 am

Classic images – I miss trees that shed their leaves! Gum trees here keep their leaves all year – so only the planted trees offer this kind of view.

Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

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