Slade Butterflies

Sunday, October 21, 2012 Adam Tilt 4 Comments

Our walk along the Gower coastline last weekend had the added bonus of, as I've said, some sun. With it came what was probably only the second decent butterfly display of the year, all concentrated in the small valley beneath Slade. The chilly breeze was completely absent from its damp confines and three Commas were making the most of conditions.

28911 - Comma, Slade

28907 - Comma, Slade

28913 - Comma, Slade

A pair of Red Admirals were feeding in the same bush but a lot higher up, though a little bit of patience soon found one in range.

28915 - Red Admiral, Slade

The third species spotted was a pristine Small Tortoiseshell but alas it was out of reach. This Large White on the other hand couldn't have been more obliging.

28921 - Large White, Slade

Let's hope that next year is a lot drier and gives our butterfly population a chance to recover.


  1. those commas are really beautiful.

  2. ALL lovely images, Ive been chasing butterflies myself this week...the seem to be everywhere in the fall!!

  3. Thanks all. Hard to beat butterflies on a sunny day for beauty.


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