Cwm Clydach Fungi

Wednesday, August 08, 2012 Adam Tilt 3 Comments

Quite often in this blogging lark I have a post all worked out that for one reason or another never quite manages to make it to publishing. Normally time is my biggest enemy and as I like to keep things current there is never a convenient way to slip those that miss their slot back in. A visit to the RSPB's Cwm Clydach reserve in March though was too good to leave on the cutting room floor as it was one of the best fungi foraging expeditions I have undertaken to date. What follows are those species I have been able to identify so far, but as always feel free to correct me if I've got anything wrong. The crusts in particular were an absolute nightmare to try and separate.

25655 - Scarlet Elf Cups
Scarlet Elf Cups

25653 - Scarlet Elf Cups
Scarlet Elf Cups

25663 - Birch Polypore
Birch Polypore

25658 - Blushing Bracelet
Blushing Bracket

25651 - Blushing Bracelet
Blushing Bracket

25662 - Stump Puffball
Stump Puffball

25661 - Bleeding Broadleaf Crust
Bleeding Broadleaf Crust

25659 - Hairy Curtain Crust
Hairy Curtain Crust


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