Garden Great Spotted Woodpecker

Monday, July 30, 2012 Adam Tilt 6 Comments

I am very happy to report that the Great Spotted Woodpecker I previously mentioned has started to become something of a regular on our peanut feeder. On at least three days over the last week I have caught sight if it pecking away, and even managed to get close enough for the following photos on one occasion.

27644 - Great Spotted Woodpecker, Garden

27646 - Great Spotted Woodpecker, Garden

27648 - Great Spotted Woodpecker, Garden

The large red forehead patch indicates that this is a juvenile bird which could explain its presence in our garden and its relative tameness. I certainly hope it continues to visit as I can't think of a much more exciting bird to have attracted in.


  1. a gorgeous shot....and I love that BLUE sky too!!

  2. Great captures Adam.
    You won't get rid of him now. lol

  3. Beautiful bird, and great captures.

  4. Thanks all. Hoping it sticks around though I'm out of peanuts at the moment.


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