And Still They Keep On Coming

Friday, February 24, 2012 Adam Tilt 4 Comments

We were back in Burry Port this evening checking up on the Toads, and low and behold another batch were attempting the crossing. We lifted around half a dozen to safety but it seems that the migration has yet to reach its peak at this particular location if last years spectacle is anything to go by. Most of the Toads rescued were singles this time around with only one copulating pair seen, although we did spot our fattest individual to date.

25568 - Toad, Burry Port

25570 - Toad, Burry Port

Interestingly we shone a torch down a couple of drain covers and found at least ten Toads at the bottom of each. I have no idea what the waste water system is like in the area, but I'm hoping that they can find a way out at least relatively close to their intended destination.


  1. I have been out searching for spawn this afternoon without success..
    I will keep looking tomoorow..
    Lovely images.

  2. I found a green frog dead on the woodland track today and showing it to my husband, he said there were loads on the tracks. It seems the first whisper of spring has made them come out of hiding.

  3. Sondra - me too! At least they have a better chance now.

    Andrew- they are definitely out there. Only a matter of time before you find some.

    Bella - spring at last. Be nice to put this last winter behind us.


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