Return of the WWT Feeders

Thursday, December 08, 2011 Adam Tilt 5 Comments

Our return from Aberystwyth on Monday heralded the arrival of something that had been notable by its absence over the previous few days. With an unfamiliar orange orb shining in the sky our shopping plans were abandoned and instead we headed over to the Llanelli WWT reserve. Our targets were the bird feeders that hang in the car park and allow you to park so close that you basically have your own private hide. Since my last visit this practise has clearly become more popular as I had to wait for another two cars to leave before I could take my place. That delay meant that the sun was already low in the sky by the time I started shooting but the light still had a very nice quality to it.

25407 - Blue Tit, Llanelli WWT

25406 - Great Tit, Llanelli WWT

25408 - Blue Tit, Llanelli WWT

25404 - Blue Tit, Llanelli WWT

25405 - Blue Tit, Llanelli WWT

As you can see from this selection of photos, Blue Tits and Great Tits were by far the most numerous visitors. The mild conditions have yet to force many birds to the feeders but there was still a decent variety including Coal Tit, Robin, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Collared Dove, Wren and Magpie. I was hoping for the appearance of a Woodpecker but with none on offer I have an excellent excuse to pop back again soon.


  1. Sorry I've been missing in action for so long... just stopped by to say hello today and learned something. For the uninitiated, it is quite difficult to spot the difference between blue and great tits... so I did what I always do these days when I'm uncertain about something... I Googled both and discovered that the second image is the Great Tit whereas I believe all the rest are Blue Tits... lovely birds that we don't have here in the states. Gorgeous images!

  2. that's a pretty cool deal - drive up bird blinds. :)

  3. I love that Blue Tit on the tree trunk. Great capture Adam.

  4. Wonderful images Adam... cars do make great hides at times..

  5. Victoria - welcome back! Glad you learned something and enjoyed the photos.

    TexWisGirl - it's my favourite sort of bird photography, nice and easy.

    Keith - thanks very much.

    Andrew - thank you and they certainly do.


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