Wainscot and Footman

Saturday, August 06, 2011 Adam Tilt 6 Comments

Thursday night was once again pretty successful when it comes to capturing moths without a proper trap. My open study window delivered the goods with another two species to add to my burgeoning garden moth list. Unlike the Ruby Tiger Moth from earlier in the week these new arrivals are a bit harder to pin down to a particular species, hence my rather vague title. The first I am almost sure is a Dingy Footman going by wing shape and colouring. The individual below is the yellow form of this species, E. griseola f. stramineola. Interstingly I also spotted one of the standard forms in the house but it expired before I could free it.

Dingy Footman

The second moth is a little bit more tricky. I believe it to be one of the Wainscot's but have thus far been unable to tie it down to an exact spices. Has anyone got any ideas?

Wainscot Moth

Wainscot Moth

Wainscot Moth

I am rapidly realising that moth identification is far from easy given the sheer number of species and minimal variations between many of them. As a result it is highly likely that I am going to get the namings wrong from time to time and for that apologise. I sense that a couple of new books will soon be on order.


  1. lovely furry one! great shots!

  2. Sorry Adam I can't help you with the ID but I do know your images are fantastic...

  3. Adam, moth ID is a nightmare at times.
    Not sure what your mystery one is, but maybe a Buff Ermine Moth?
    I could be hopelessly wrong though lol

    Cracking shots.

  4. Try looking at iSpot and join up, it will certainly tell you. Beautiful blog.

  5. Amazing detail in your photos, Adam.

  6. TexWisGirl - thank you.

    Andrew - no problem and thanks.

    Keith - Buff Ermine looks close but the legs seem to be the wrong colour. I've just bought a concise guide to moths and that alone has 880 species in, none of which look like my mystery one!

    Bob - thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out.

    Caroline - thank you.


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