Gulls at Llanelli Waterfront

Thursday, August 25, 2011 Adam Tilt 8 Comments

Llanelli Seafront

We spent a couple of hours walking along the Llanelli waterfront last night, and I have to say that I am very impressed with how the redevelopment of what was once an industrial wasteland has taken shape over the last few years. The tidal areas were packed with waders including hundreds of Redshank and several Little Egret, whilst Jackdaws, Rooks, Starlings and of course Gulls were doing their best to scavenge what they could find around the visitor centre. The late evening light had a very nice quality that really lit the Gulls well making it hard not to set about photographing these often overlooked birds.

P1090308 - Lesser Black Backed Gull, Llanelli

P1090316 - Black Headed Gull, Llanelli

P1090318 - Black Headed Gull, Llanelli


  1. those look like some well-fed gulls! :)

  2. Those birds seem to have a attitude.

  3. Lovely shots of the gulls! I have to say, I found those buildings in your picture, like so much of modern architecture, a bit of an eyesore! Course, I didn't see the area in its previous incarnation, so I guess it may be an aesthetic improvement on what went before.

  4. Love the pose on that first BH Gull.

  5. Great close ups Adam... beautiful birds to see.

  6. Nice bird images... I like the panorama too...

  7. TexWisGirl - I think they are!

    Martha Z - you wouldn't want to mess with the Lesser Black Backed Gull that's for sure.

    Jeremy - thanks. I must admit I thought the same when they first went up but they've grown on me over the last couple of years.

    Bob, Keith, Andrew, Victoria - thank you all. Glad you like them.


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