Environmental survey, Bryn-Bach-Common

This evening I got out on patch for the first time this week and was surprised to stumble across several recently placed traps dotted around various Gorse bushes on Bryn-Bach-common. Reading the attached note on one revealed them to be part of an environmental survey being carried out in preparation for renewal work on the overhead power cables. The lines that cross the common form part of the main Pembroke to Swansea high voltage line that was built in the 1960’s and covers more than 80km of Welsh countryside. I’d imagine that surveys of this kind are standard practise but it’s still nice to see them actually being carried out. I’d love to know what they find, if anything, as it would no doubt be quite enlightening. Does anyone have any idea if this sort of information would be publicly available if I were to make an enquiry?

Away from the pylons and traps we saw an always welcome male Yellowhammer, ironically calling from one of the power lines. Other than that things were relatively quiet apart from an ever increasing number of Meadow Pipits and the constant sound of yaffing Green Woodpeckers.

On our way back home three birds passed us that looked a lot like Swallows. These would have been my first of the year but it was a little bit too dark and a little too far away for a definitive identification. Given the increasing regularity with which sightings of Swallows are being reported across the area I would be very surprised if I don’t bump into any this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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