A bit more wildlife from Dorset

Thursday, April 28, 2011 Adam Tilt 4 Comments

Before I disappear off the grid for the second four day weekend in a row (surely this is what all weekends should be like!) I thought I'd share a couple more of my favourite photos from our recent trip to Dorset. The first is of a Common Lizard which we spotted sunning itself on a piece of wood in a nature reserve close to where we were camping. It initially shot off into the undergrowth as we approached but after a few minutes of waiting it slowly crept back into view giving this rather cheeky pose.

24214 - Common Lizard, Dorset

The rest are of the absolutely brilliant Sedge Warbler from Radipole Lake. I took so many photos of this bird that its hard to pick just a few. I hope you like them.

24232 - Sedge Warbler, Radipole Lake
24224 - Sedge Warbler, Radipole Lake

Closer to home I had a quick walk around my local patch on Tuesday evening and can happily report that at least one of the Cuckoos is still in the Cwm Dulais valley, although it seems to have moved further down towards the Pontarddulais end. The pair of Bullfinches were still on Gopa Hill and although skittish seemed unwilling to travel far. I wonder if they are planning on nesting nearby? Up on Bryn-bach-Common a single male Yellowhammer was once again singing from the telegraph wires and I spotted one of the female Wheatears sat on a fence post.


  1. Loved all of these photos! The lizard is SO cute, and that warbler is gorgeous!

  2. Cracking pose from the Lizard Adam.

  3. A great post and perfect images. Well done!


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