Green Leaf Worm (Eulalia Viridis) at Sker Point

Friday, September 17, 2010 Adam Tilt 2 Comments

One of the other pieces of wildlife that I forgot to mention in my previous post were the Green Leaf Worms that we found at Sker Point. The vast majority of these were seen on the reefs of Honeycomb Worm structures, but only those that were in the shade and thus still relatively damp. I presume that they were trying to protect themselves from the baking sun.

22430 - Green Leaf Worm, Sker Point

The worms were surprisingly active and measured between five and fifteen centimeters in length. After a bit of research it turns out that these animals are quite a common occurrence around our coast but I have certainly never come across any before. One post of interest can be found on Jessica's Nature Blog which details the same worms but on Gower. Of particular interest to me was one of the comments that refers to someone seeing these worms at Sker Beach back in July. I guess that usually we just simply overlook them. Has anyone else come across these before?


  1. I saw these worms at Caswell back in May:

    A great Bobolink drawing can be found here:

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