It has been a quiet week so far in terms of outings but I did manage a quick trip to Burry Port on Tuesday evening to coincide with the high tide. My main purpose, apart from walking off dinner, was to see if there were any Sandwich Terns in attendance after a disappointing single bird on my last visit. As it turns out there were with seventy Terns of all ages sitting on the sand bank in front of the old Pembrey harbour walls. This is the last sand bank to disappear as the tide rolls in and is often the last place that the various birds will gather. Seventy represents the largest flock that I have seen at this location and it was great to be able to hear their distinctive calls once more.

Also on the sand bank were the usual flock of a couple of hundred Oystercatchers, though this represents only a small proportion of the winter numbers when at their peak. Mixed in were several huge juvenile Great Black Backed Gullsthat dwarfed everything else, as well as several Common Gulls and at least four Mediterranean Gulls (well I wouldn’t want to break the theme of the last few posts now would I?). There were another five Meds on the grass to the back of the old Pembrey harbour along with a hundred or so Black Headed Gulls feeding on the freshly cut grass. A couple of Linnets and a flock of thirty Starlings rounded off the evening nicely.


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