Mumbles Kittiwakes with added video

Monday, June 28, 2010 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

While checking up on the Kittiwakes at Mumbles pier last weekend I took a few short video clips of the birds in action. It's a feature of my camera that I often forget is there and as a result rarely use it. In this case I was glad that I did remember as I was able to capture behavior that would just not have had the same impact with a still image. I am particularly pleased with the shot of one of the chicks feeding on regurgitated food from its parent as this was something that I had never seen before. You can also see just how hard the birds were panting in their efforts to stay cool.

If you want to check out another persons view and experiences of the colony then I recommend looking up Nick Davison here at

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  1. Impressive video, always good to have some behaviour action. Modern cameras now have great video!


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