Last night looked like it was heading to be a perfect summers evening with blue sky and the sun blazing down. It seems like an age since I last visited Gower so the destination for the evening was quickly decided. Twenty minutes later we were at Rhossili and starting the walk out to Worms Head, picnic ready for consumption at the first inviting area of grass. The Fulmarswere making their usual racket out on the water and I spotted a few nests on the cliffs above the low water mark. It looks like it is going to be a good breeding season for them here this year. We had planned to watch the sunset but unfortunately had failed to take account of the change in location of the sun with the advancing seasons. As a result, nice though the sunset was, it was useless for photographs. Never mind as there were some very nice displays from the feathered residents as the sun slowly sank away.

First to put on a show was this singing Dunnock, perfectly positioned on top of the gorse allowing me to get a decent background in the shot.

P1050426 - Dunnock at Rhossili

Next up were a pair of Linnets eating seeds from the nearby vegetation. They were so involved in their feeding that I was able to approach quite close and get my best ever pictures of this species. I love the colours on this one as the red of the Linnet and the red of the seeds go brilliantly together.

P1050431 - Male Linnet at Rhossili

Last but not least I captured my very picture of a Whitethroat.

P1050442 - Male Whitethroat at Rhossili

The male above kept revisiting this gorse bush over and over again while we were watching. It wasn’t until it popped down out of sight and I heard the unmistakeable calling of chicks that I realised the bird must have a nest there. We backed off so as not to disturb them and watched from afar.

The final highlight was a Kestrel hovering at about eye level just off the footpath by the Worms Head Hotel. It was there for a good five minutes, taking the occasional dive down to the grass before flying back up, all whilst being mobbed by a couple of Swallows. It was a lovely sight and certainly seemed to be amusing the drinkers in the beer garden who were cheering the Swallow on madly. Poor Kestrel.


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