The Birds of Oban

Saturday, June 12, 2010 Adam Tilt 1 Comments

One of the highlights of catching the ferry from Oban to Mull is being able to watch the Black Guillemots that nest in the harbor walls while you wait. This particular individual was showing off the vibrant red interior of its mouth brilliantly.

12492 - Black Guillemot at Oban

12490  - Black Guillemot at Oban 12491 - Black Guillemot at Oban

Also present are the ever hungry Herring Gulls. It's probably my imagination but I swear that they are even bigger north of the border than down here in Wales. I certainly wouldn't argue if he decided that he wanted some of my chips!

12499 - Herring Gull at Oban

Last but not least we have the Eiders.

12485 - Eider at Connel

This family group with a single chick were just outside Oban in the waters around Connel. I presume this was an early hatchling as I didn't see any more throughout our stay on the Mull.

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  1. Great photos.
    I was photographing the birds on the East coast last week, sadly no Black Guillemots, but plenty of eiders, puffins + other auks and terns :)


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