Isle of Mull - Here I come

Friday, May 21, 2010 Adam Tilt 0 Comments

Just in time for the arrival of the good weather I am heading off to the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. My parents are coming down from the Midlands to stay in my house so that they can have a holiday in Wales, while we are off to my partners parents' holiday home on the island. We try to go twice a year but haven't been for well over twelve months due to the hassle of buying and doing up the house. For those that don't know the island I recommend looking it up on Google as it is a very special place that is absolutely crammed with wildlife. The holiday house we are staying at has no internet connection so I have set my laptop up to use dial up (it was very nostalgic hearing the old modem noises again after all these years). If all goes to plan I will be able to update my blog every couple of days but you will have to wait for pictures until I return due to the speed of the connection.

For now I am off to catch one of these:

8192 - The Isle of Mull Ferry

To hopefully go and see some more of these:

Golden Eagle, Isle of Mull
Golden Eagle being mobbed by a Raven


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