As a follow on from yesterdays post, I thought I would share some photographs of some of the other visitors that were frequenting the feeders along with the Jays. All of the Tit species were present, as well as Greenfinches much to my delight. Over the last couple of years the Greenfinch population has been decimated by disease caused by a Trichomonad parasite. This parasite effectively blocks a birds throat causing it to starve to death. Other garden bird species are also susceptible, but it appears that the Greenfinches are being hit the worse. I personally haven’t had any on the garden feeders for the best part of eight months now. Fortunately the WWT site seems to have a healthy population still, even though they were being a bit camera shy on my visit. I’ll follow this post up tomorrow with a full round up of the rest of the site.

11806 - Blue Tit at WWT Llanelli
11823 - Blue Tit at WWT Llanelli
11817 - Female Blackbird at WWT Llanelli
11824 - Male Blackbird at WWT Llanelli
11821 - Chaffinch at WWT Llanelli
11812 - Female Blackbird at WWT Llanelli


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