Whilst exploring Strumble Head I saw a vast array of wildlife other than the birds detailed in the previous post. The highlight was a group of seven or so Common Dolphins swimming and feeding just off the head itself. This was my first Dolphin sighting for at least a year and was as exciting as ever. I find that there is still something almost child like about seeing Dolphins or Whales in the wild. I find myself shouting out to anyone nearby and getting quite animated much to some peoples amusement. I completely agree with Mark Carwardine on the BBC’s “Last Chance To See” when he says that he needs his regular Dolphin fix to keep him going.

Also enjoying the rich waters around the coast were numerous Grey Seals. A couple were regularly exploring the bay just inshore from the lighthouse offering great views. Another individual was always sitting just around the corner from a couple of fisherman which I found amusing. Unsurprisingly I didn’t see the fishermen catch anything. There were also several well grown pups around the area with a couple pulled up on the rocks at Porth Maenmelyn.

11451 - Grey Seal at Strumble Head
11514 - Grey Seal at Strumble Head

At one point during a walk to the north of the head I had to hop over a fence and look over the cliff edge as we could hear what appeared to be a human screaming and moaning. It turned out to be an adult seal with quite a severe wound on its neck. I have no idea what caused this but it was certainly a slightly unsettling moment.

The wildlife certainly wasn’t limited to the sea as we came across the following Common Lizard out on a rock enjoying the sun.

11456 - Common Lizard at Strumble Head
11460 - Common Lizard at Strumble Head

The final and most unusual wildlife encounter was an ambitious Garden Spider which had managed to bag itself a grasshopper in its web.

11502 - Garden Spider Eating Grasshopper
11503 - Garden Spider Eating Grasshopper

At the time of photographing the spider was taking a break from the process of wrapping the grasshopper up. I’m not surprised really as the size difference between the two is quite impressive. Has anyone ever seen anything bigger in a spiders web before?


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