Glossy Ibis at Old Pembrey Harbour near Llanelli. Yes you did indeed read that correctly and I was just as surprised as you are now no doubt when I first heard the news. I received a text at 10:30 this morning to let me know that twenty five Glossy Ibis had turned up in the field opposite the caravan park at old Pembrey Harbour. As I was at work I had to wait until the end of the day to head down, fully expecting the birds to be long gone. Upon my arrival I was encouraged by the number of people present looking through telescopes so assumed that the Ibis’s were still present. What I wasn’t expecting was to see the birds parading up and down on the field barely twenty meters away. In all there were ten individuals, many of which are ringed with rumors abounding that this group originates from the Camargue region of Southern France, and may be the same group spotted in Ireland a few days ago. The likelihood is that the strong winds we are experiencing has driven these birds onto our shore as we certainly aren’t on any normal migratory routes.

For now I will leave you with a few photos and a map to find them for yourselves. I expect the Glossy Ibis to be around tomorrow so get down and have a look.

P1030005 - Glossy Ibis at Pembrey Harbour
P1020997 - Glossy Ibis at Pembrey Harbour
P1020983 - Glossy Ibis at Pembrey Harbour
P1030008 - Glossy Ibis at Pembrey Harbour


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