I popped down into Penllergare woods at the back of my house again this evening and was very pleased to see that the Dipperfrom a couple of weeks ago has made a return. I caught up with it just below the splashpool from the waterfall seemingly sleeping on a rock in the middle of the river. I had a theory that it was probably still around somewhere further downstream and I am happy to say that I was right.

Elsewhere there was a good flock of around thirty Chaffinch coming into roost in the trees, and six Song Thrush’s were certainly making themselves heard. At the top of the river a single Coal Tit was joined by a pair of Goldcrest’s and four Long Tailed Tit’s. For some reason the Long Tailed Tit’s seem to be the tamest of all the small woodland birds, excluding Robins of course, and it may be my imagination but it appears that they actually seek you out and come closer for a look before moving on. In many ways their behaviour is not far off from that of Dolphins when a ship arrives on the scene and they come to play on the bow wave. I could of course be talking utter rubbish after a day stuck in front of the computer writing code, but either way they are my current bird of the moment.


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