After finishing work last night I decided to head over to Ogmore as there had been reports over the last couple of days of a Red Necked Phalarope feeding in the flooded fields bordering the river. I arrived at the last known sighting location opposite Ogmore Castle, but due to the high tide could not cross into the field where the bird supposedly was. This led to a somewhat restricted view due to the various lumps and bumps in the field. Fortunately another birder arrived and rang for further details. We were instructed to go further up the road where there was a small bridge that would enable access to the other side of the river. At this location there was already another birder who motioned for us to join him.

Further into the field the RNP was clearly visible, feeding and swimming in one of the larger flooded pools. We were able to watch the bird for at least 10 minutes before the arrival of a dog walker (and a very ignorant one at that), neccessitated a move slightly closer. Shortly after this move the RNP flew directly towards us, veering to the right just on front of our scopes. It landed barely 3-4 foot away from where we were standing, and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes or so until dusk feeding around us on all sides. Bearing in mind that this is an extremely rare bird and a new life tick for me, I simply couldn’t believe it. It has to rank as one of my most memorable experiences out in the field. I would also like to thank those birders who helped me with the location. I am much obliged.


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